My Portfolio

Here’s my latest snapshot (updated quarterly) of the equity portion of my portfolio. I’ve omitted the more “boring” parts (529, Treasuries, Fundrise) but will still talk about them in quarterly updates as needed.


I’m hoping to learn as much as I can about these great businesses and go a few rounds with Mr. Market in the process. I’ll link these positions with deeper dives as time permits (any requests?)

Here’s a high-level overview of the pieces of business I own grouped by category/thesis:

The Compounders - BOC, BRK.B, NNI

Maybe I’ve read too much about Buffett, but I’ve just naturally built more and more of position in proven compounders of capital that have several avenues of deploying capital and minimal downside based on their variety of businesses. And honestly it’s just more fun to read about conglomerates.

I still believe BOC has the biggest upside based on their solid “ground game” and the optionality of their more high-flying “passing game” (see their latest annual letter).

VMS Acquirers - CSU.TO, TOI.V

Hard to deny the outstanding track record of CSI, hoping their recent spin-off TOI.V can follow suit. The biggest question hanging over both here is, just how long can they compound capital by acquiring small-sized vertical market software companies? The recent pace for both is proving promising, plus they have a mountain of data and experience to draw from and CSI has already shown signs of evolving with their 700M purchase of Allscripts in 2022.

Software Platforms - PLTR, SNOW, JDC.DE

Despite being a CTO, I haven’t been as drawn to most high-flying tech companies (and as such have dodged most of the recent downturn). However, the strength of these companies is remarkable, and I find it hard to believe any of these platforms will not continue to grow considerably over the next ten years.

Small-Cap Niches I Really Like - AMPS, SKYH, HGTY, HIFS

Hard to find a common theme for the rest of my companies here, but I think they’re all outstanding companies that have great potential to grow with minimal downside. Plus it’s been fun learning about all of them.