Chariot Day 2017 Talk

Managing your personal finances with Spark and Zeppelin

    talks chariot spark zeppelin
PHLAI Me to the Moon

Comcast puts on its first AI conference

    ai conferences comcast chariot
The O'Reilly AI Conference in NY

Getting to know our robot overlords

    chariot conferences ai ml
Shallow vs. Deep Research

Do you want me to Google that for you?

Real World Spark Lessons

Digging knowledge out of the dirt

    comcast chariot scala spark cassandra
Graph-Based Documentation

All visual models are false, but we can build some that are useful right?

    comcast chariot episteme javascript
Scala By The Schuylkill Recap

Long Live Scala!

    chariot comcast conferences scala
Microservices and the Evolution of Software Architecture

Using microservices to build antifragile systems

    lagom taleb chariot microservices
The Power of Myth

Sapiens takes us on a whirlwind tour of history

    books economics history evolution
AOP and AspectJ Introduction and Quickstart

Fear of AOP cross-cuts deeper than swords

    java maven aop


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