Notebook Driven Development

Using Zeppelin with Spark to help development "Ramble On" (see what I did there?)

    spark sbt scala zeppelin productivity
High-Leverage Development with Giter8 Templates

Using `sbt new` to quickly create Spark projects

    books spark sbt scala
Real World Spark Lessons

Digging knowledge out of the dirt

    comcast chariot scala spark cassandra
Scala By The Schuylkill Recap

Long Live Scala!

    chariot comcast conferences scala
Help! My Monads are Nesting!

Composing multiple monads while maintaining your sanity

    scala chariot
An Ode to Or

With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    poetry scala scalactic
JSONPath Library for Play

Efficient query language for JSON and Play apps

Building better APIs with Play!

Coding examples from the blog post

    api playframework scala
(Triz)Swagging out at the Philly Codefest

Lessons learned from my first hackathon

Accenture Match Play Statistics

March madness comes a month early.

    golf scala statistics
Hacking NPR's Sunday Puzzle

...and other puzzling tools

    knockoutjs playframework puzzles scala
Scala 101

A brief whirlwind tour of Scala

Roll Your Own Notification Service

Screen scraping and Scala to the rescue!

    akka playframework rss sbt scala scrape