May 14 2015
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I’ve recently been working on a Swagger-documented API where it’s been necessary to test the API endpoints in different environments. While Swagger UI is a simple, powerful tool for testing APIs, it doesn’t streamline well across multiple environments, nor does the UI allow for testing certain edge cases (i.e. what response will I get if I omit a required parameter?). However, Postman is very well-suited for both of these use cases, and so I’ve built a library called Swagger2Postman to convert Swagger docs into a Postman JSON collection.

Code - https://github.com/josephpconley/swagger2postman

Live Demo - http://app.josephpconley.com/swagger2postman

It only works with the Swagger 1.2 specification as of now so if you have any feedback or want to see it work for Swagger 2.0, let me know in the comments section here or on the project’s issues page. Thanks!

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