Giving Back

May 26 2020

I have been very blessed in my career. I’ve worked with some of the smartest and most thoughtful people you’d ever meet. I’ve worked in companies of all shapes and sizes, industries and locations, and have learned a lot about how businesses and people operate. And I’ve been fortunate to meet seasoned pros who have been generous with their time and advice, helping to guide me through the early stages of my career.

I’d like to return the favor. I know how hard it can be to get started in software development. Should I specialize or generalize? Big company or small? Which languages and frameworks should I hitch my wagon to, and which should I avoid like the plague? The sheer number of permutations can be daunting.

I also know how hard it can be for non-technical folks to try to start a technology-centric business. Nowadays it’s hard to imagine starting a business that doesn’t have some need for technology, and the options are legion. Buy or build? Outsource or hire direct? Mobile-first? AI-first? How to separate the noise (e.g. blockchain) from the signal?

So in an effort to help folks in both camps, I’m setting up regular office hours (likely on my commute once the pandemic subsides). If you wanna chat feel free to reach out over social, or if you’re interested you can join my Slack group here. I’ll help where I can, or make referrals or intros where I can’t.

Don’t be shy! When reflecting on where I’ve had the biggest impact, I’ve constantly turned to service and leadership as where I’ve been the proudest of my work. Drop me a line!

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